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Communicate better.

Our HD digital voice systems allow your employees and customers to connect like never before while realizing cost savings every month. Get a phone system that will grow and change with your organization. It offers the features you need today as well as the ones you’ll want tomorrow.

Auto-attendant Menus

Create custom menus based on time of day. Set up ring groups and call queues to direct callers to the right people.

Voicemail to Email

New voicemail messages can optionally show up in your regular email inbox.

Music on Hold

Upload custom music and announcements to be played while callers are waiting.

Remote Extensions

Phones can be placed anywhere there is an Internet connection — even if it’s in a different city.

Follow Me / Find Me

Use your cell phone to make and receive calls from your office number.

VOIP or Analog Trunks

We can connect to CenturyLink, Comcast, Verizon, and other phones lines — whether they’re digital or analog — or save money and switch to VOIP trunks. We’ll give you the option.

Phones at our Waynesboro office being prepared for delivery.

Upgrading phones at Hearthstone Retirement Home.

We have a phone for you.

Single-line, 12-line, or cordless? We’ve got you covered. Add additional phones at any time. This is a system that can grow with you.

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