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Connecting to your cameras

Sign Up

For remote access, you will need to Sign Up for a free Star4Live account. Choose your username and password. Then, enter your email address and click the Acquire button. You will be emailed an access code. After you’ve completed the sign up, let us know your username so that we can add cameras to your account.

Windows & Mac Instructions

After installing the application, log in as admin with the password 123456

Then, go to Device Management and select Cloud Device to log in using the username and password you chose at Star4Live. After logging in, return to the Control Panel in the Guard Startion application and choose Live View. You can choose a camera to view from the panel on the left.

[button color=”undefined” hover_text_color_override=”” url=”” text=”Using Guard Station Video” color_override=”#aaa” image=”fa-youtube-play”]


Android & Apple Instructions

After installing the app on a mobile device, login using the username and password you chose at Star4Live.

Need a hand?

Give us a call at 717-762-8234 if you need any help!